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The need for local community involvement 

If you are part of a local community group we would like you to hear from you. Please send any relevant information on your events on a regular basis and we will try to include details on our Community part of the site. We will endeavour to keep the site updated with details about local events as best we can.

If your club or society has a website then a link can be placed on a reciprocal basis.

The success of the site will be down to the community to generate the necessary interest plus the support of the local business community to fund the ongoing costs.

The Business Community

How many of you out there have gone to the time and expense of having a website developed for your business.

Do your potential customers (local or national) know it is there?  It is easy for people who contact you to be told what the website address is but what about those that donít know?

Tavistock Online has the capacity to keep the local businesses connected at a very low cost.

Try using a search engine and see just how few relevant businesses appear on screen.

It may be that your business doesnít need a website, but in todayís market, it is best to have a web presence. It is quoted that a 400% growth has occurred in internet activity. How many directory offers do you receive, many to be glanced at and never seen again?

This site is intended to work for the benefit of the whole local community and people visiting, or potentially moving close by.

We will soon be offering the option of a confidential questionnaire for businesses in the area to receive information and feedback from potential customers.

The support of the local business community so far has been immense and we hope that this will continue and the site grows accordingly.


Tavistock Online